Who am I?

Welcome to this website, which is your support and guidance to inner peace, balance, happiness, love, health and success! My name is Robin Schindelka, and I am here to guide you as much as possible on your (spiritual) quest for happiness and well-being. After completing my studies in philosophy with a minor in psychology, I began to delve into the incredibly powerful world of spirituality and mindfulness. Struggling with anxiety, depression and eating issues myself for a time, I found my way out after a long time of searching each time in the alternative, more open-minded way. I faced my challenges by becoming enormously mindful of them and digging deep within myself. Here I found not only the way out of my mental problems, but a transformation into greater happiness and well-being than I could ever have dreamed of. I thus continued to deepen and specialize in mindfulness and the holistic view of things, and came to know that each of us has within ourselves a tremendously powerful ability to transform themselves into the person they want to be: happy and full of inner peace.

From this followed with my great passion and mission: coaching. My goal is to guide people to find within themselves the fire they have been searching for so long by facing their mental challenges together. At 'coaching' you can further explore what I have to offer. You can already book a FREE introductory meeting by going to contact me or by clicking on the whatsapp icon. You can also visit my blog for personal interviews with people who overcame fears, depression, life challenges and so much more, and personal experiences and theories that I share to help you as much as possible. Furthermore, I also sell an E-book that can help you find more happiness, love and inner peace and understand the core of your mental challenges. And I also now have my second E-book out about finding our passion or life purpose. Feel free to look around this site and contact me if you are looking for further guidance!

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