DPDR & Existential Anxiety Recovery Course


This course is a FULL RECOVERY guide for recovering from existential anxiety, depersonalization and derealization, based on my own recovery journey and that of MANY clients I’ve helped through it. The course gives a complete package of tools, both theoretical and practical, that will help you not only recover from your anxiety and feelings of discomfort, but find a whole new level of peace that you can always turn back to.

Do you struggle with anxious thoughts about life, death and existence? Do you experience feelings of dissociation, derealization and depersonalization that make you unable to enjoy life again? Do you fear that there is no way out and have you tried many things to help you feel better, but nothing is successful? Then this is exactly the course you need.

What can you expect from the course?

  • Better understanding of what is actually happening within you that is causing your feelings of dpdr and anxiety, so that you realize nothing is wrong with you and are able to put things into perspective.
  • Practical tools that have made me, and my clients, fully recover, and that will provide you with grounding and healing
  • A full video of me, guiding you through every step in recovery, explaining the theory behind recovering from existential fear & dp/dr, and guiding you through the practical exercises.
  • Exclusive meditation & breathing exercises to release stress & overcome your anxiety & feelings of discomfort
  • Practical exercises that have the power to change your subconscious thinking & feelings. Your subconscious beliefs about the world, impact how you feel. To really make a change in how we feel, we thus need to change those subconscious beliefs.
  • A separate slideshow with all the information, bundled together that you can always turn back to.
  • Access to an exclusive, POSITIVE focused WhatsApp community where we help, motivate and support each other in recovery.
  • Tips from recovered clients of mine on recovery & the course.

Note: After you’ve purchased the course, you will get direct access to the downloads of the slides AND the video course. You will then shortly after (Max. 12 hours) get an e-mail of me, sending you a private invite to:
– A meditation video only you and people joining the course will see.
– The recording of me, explaining the whole course separately so you can watch that together with the slides on a different screen/printed out if that’s what you prefer. This will also only be available for people joining the course.

I look forward to having you join our powerful recovery community and joining previous clients in their recovery process.
Recovery IS possible!

! Money Back Guarantee ! :

To show how much confidence I have in the course and to prove my full commitment to you, I will give back your FULL investment under the condition that after going through and practicing the course, you feel like you didn’t get the help you needed (and it thus wasn’t worth your investment), within 30 days after purchase.


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