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This E-book is a powerful, holistic guide towards happiness, love, health and success. Drawing on my own past with eating disorders, anxiety, depression and an identity crisis, I discuss what the way out of our mental suffering is and how we can find within ourselves the power to transform out of negative emotions and thoughts, towards happiness, inner peace and success. I firmly believe that the best knowledge is practical knowledge that is put into context and is therefore relatable to many. Therefore, this book provides a good balance between theory, life lessons and tips that have the power to positively change your life on the one hand, and the story of my own experiences and mental quest towards this on the other.
I discuss how we can address and overcome the core of our mental challenges and negative thoughts & emotions, and how we can then boost our personal (spiritual) development and go through life more joyful and free than before. The major themes of this book are: self-development and mental health, love & relationships, health & structure, and a foundation to spiritual development (among which I discuss the law of attraction and meditation).
This book is perfect for those seeking a short but powerful guide to spiritual depth and happiness, those that want a way out of suffering from mental challenges, or those that are seeking and wanting to attract more than is currently their reality.
More than anything, this E-book teaches how you can find within yourself the power to transform yourself into the person you want to be, regardless of your environment or circumstances.



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  1. Valentin Mugabo

    Smooth writing style, pleasant to read!
    Gives good and useful tools to address certain aspects in your self-development. Robin makes herself vulnerable, gives examples of own experiences, which gives the book more value! Highly recommended!

  2. Michaël Everaerts

    Through this concise book (50 pages), Robin provides the right, simple tools to deal with what for many are difficult, unfathomable problems. She does this by giving emotions and thoughts a name and reducing them to concepts. A breath of fresh air in both form and content. Spiritual but practical. Looking forward to more!

  3. Paulien Heylen

    What is the purpose of life? What does it mean to live? Who am I? Questions that not only typify life in the 21st century but also typify us in our being as human beings. Each of us is obliged to make the journey of life, but the choice of whether you travel light or heavy during this journey lies with yourself. How you will experience this journey, is up to you! In this guide Robin offers tools to deal with the challenges we encounter on our path. I purposely use the word challenges and not obstacles here because as spiritual beings we are capable of choosing our world. This concise and practical guide energizes those who can use it, translates what “feeling” means in a heartwarming way, and encouraged me to take concrete steps toward a less ego-dominated life. Robin discusses topics such as love, loneliness, productivity and stress in such an accessible way that I felt very motivated as a reader to implement her tips into my own life. It is very clear that the author knows what her spiritual masters mean when they talk about “living in the now” and also manages to present this in a very personal way using experiences from her own life. Robin knows what it means to be in the deep but also knows what it means to put on another pair of glasses and to crawl out of that self dug, egotistical pit – and that on your own. Robin teaches us in this crash course what real letting go is, how unconditional love is established and how we can all build a greater collective consciousness. That she refers several times to meditation and mindfulness, is perhaps not a surprise; you may have heard it before as an answer to your lament; ‘start meditating! Yet this is always easier said than done because how to do it and how do I get started? This manual starts from the most basic principles and teaches you as a reader how to deal with your ego. Are you someone who needs a boost? Are you someone who wants to but can’t? Are you someone who is tired of resisting his exhausting self-talk? Then give Robin’s manual a chance. Read it with an open heart, make a choice for yourself and choose a light journey.

  4. Kim

    An absolute must read! Smooth read with lots of examples and own experiences making everything easy to absorb. The ideal summary of all the tools you need to become the best version of yourself and find inner happiness!

  5. Hanne

    After watching the videos on Robin’s YouTube channel, her first book is again highly recommended.
    In my opinion, the book explains in an accessible, easy-to-read way how to better understand yourself, learn to order your thoughts, learn to enjoy small things and see the beauty in people and events.

    Each chapter was a pleasure to read. The theory that is dealt with in the YouTube videos is clarified here with clear examples and concrete tips, making it a useful tool that you can get to work with right away.

    As you can read, a real must for everyone who is ready for a feeling of joy and happiness.

    Thank you Robin and congratulations on this first, beautifully written book!

  6. Ellen

    This E-book is highly recommended if you want to delve more deeply into the search for inner peace. Robin also spent a chapter on getting more structure into your life and also on the law of attraction in which she clearly explains how you can apply this in practice. These themes have helped me a lot on my way to success and more productivity. The themes around fear, self-love and meditation help me to find peace, acceptance and self-love. Very useful E-book!

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