Course: Spirit Basics English


This E-book is a powerful, holistic guide towards happiness, love, health and success. Drawing on my own past with eating disorders, anxiety, depression and an identity crisis, I discuss what the way out of our mental suffering is and how we can find within ourselves the power to transform out of negative emotions and thoughts, towards happiness, inner peace and success. I firmly believe that the best knowledge is practical knowledge that is put into context and is therefore relatable to many. Therefore, this book provides a good balance between theory, life lessons and tips that have the power to positively change your life on the one hand, and the story of my own experiences and mental quest towards this on the other.
I discuss how we can address and overcome the core of our mental challenges and negative thoughts & emotions, and how we can then boost our personal (spiritual) development and go through life more joyful and free than before. The major themes of this book are: self-development and mental health, love & relationships, health & structure, and a foundation to spiritual development (among which I discuss the law of attraction and meditation).
This book is perfect for those seeking a short but powerful guide to spiritual depth and happiness, those that want a way out of suffering from mental challenges, or those that are seeking and wanting to attract more than is currently their reality.
More than anything, this E-book teaches how you can find within yourself the power to transform yourself into the person you want to be, regardless of your environment or circumstances.

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