For both the monthly coaching and the separate coaching sessions I offer a short, free conversation of about 20 minutes in which you can explain what your wishes/complaints are and so I can tell you what I can do for you. You can contact me in the contact section via sms or email, OR via the whatsapp icon, and then we plan this first conversation as soon as possible.

Below you will find a list of themes in which I offer coaching and support. Do you find your specific complaints or needs not in this list but are you interested in further coaching and my approach? Send me an email and we will discuss further if we can start a potential cooperation to optimize your personal growth and happiness!

  • Identity Crisis
    Not knowing what you want to do with your life, what your passion or talents are, where you want to go, ... These are themes that especially young people have to deal with because of an overload of stimuli and a social image of productivity in which we are forced to excel and make something of ourselves. It can therefore be enormously frightening not to know from yourself where you fit into the picture here.
    Concretely, I help you here by teaching you to listen to your inner voice and in this way find what you want to do with your life. Together with you I will find out which way you should go, how you can look at your talents and interests and how you can take further steps to go more in the right direction of your authentic self and future.
  • Stress
    I help you to create a mindset in which you become resistant to stress and find a way to create inner peace, even in stressful situations. Stress is a very present phenomenon that has enormous negative effects on our mind and body, therefore it is important to create an attitude that makes you resistant to it and gives you tools to deal with stress and live a freer, happier and healthier life.
  • Existential fears & DPDR
    Why are we here? What is the purpose of our lives? Does life have any meaning at all? Why do we die? What is there after death? ...
    These are existential questions that at first glance seem quite harmless but have the power to cause some people (including me in the past) tremendous anxiety. Existential fears can cause anxiety attacks and dissociation and make us feel like we are forever stuck in some kind of matrix depression. This involves intense depersonalization and derealization that makes us feel like we are doubting the reality of our existence.
    In our coaching conversations, I help you get out of this existential fear by going deeper into these questions in a way that completely removes your fear and gives a sense of trust and love in its place. I teach you certain insights into these questions and fears and derealization and teach you the tools within yourself that can help you get out of them. Specifically, I also guide you with meditations or mindfulness exercises that you can then use yourself to get out of your fears and dissociations.
    More important than all this, I teach you to realize that it is incredibly normal and very beautiful to experience these feelings and thoughts and help you look at them in a positive, meaningful and enriching way so that you not only overcome your fears, but grow out of them and become much happier still.
  • Heart Break
    Heartbreak is a phenomenon that an awful lot of us experience at some point and something that can affect us for the rest of our lives. Heartbreak is also incredibly misunderstood and underestimated in strength. Lovesickness can produce the same kinds of symptoms as depression (insomnia, lack of appetite, depressed mood, physical pain and ache in the heart, lack of zest for life, etc.) and have the ability to completely drag us down.
    I can guide you through your heartbreak to get through this phase as quickly, and as well as possible. I can't take away your heartbreak in one session, but I can give you a lot of perspectives and practical tools to take away the brutal or lingering pain of heartbreak. Having experienced intense heartbreak three times myself, I know exactly how to make the best of a relationship breakup or unrequited love and give yourself a chance to grow out of it incredibly hard.
  • Relations & Loneliness
    My goal with this theme is to bring awareness and love into relationships with others. I am convinced that all the problems we experience with our loved ones, which are at the root of our relationship problems and miscommunications, come from a lack of connection and wrong view of love and the other.
    In this coaching, I simply want to support people in grounding loving, understanding relationships with their partners, friends, family, etc. Relationships are what we as humans live for and derive our happiness from, and so I want to work concretely with you around themes such as:
    relationship problems, communication, confronting others, vulnerability and daring to show yourself to others, authentic relationships, difficulties in friendships and other relationships, ...
    I also want to help people who experience loneliness to experience a sense of connection and love in order to attract stronger and better relationships in this way as well.
  • Depressive thoughts & feelings
    Around this theme I work with you if you experience the following complaints: being stuck in negative thoughts and emotions; experiencing a dark, empty feeling; insomnia & lack of appetite; lack of joy or zest for life; experiencing the feeling that everything is against you and you don't know how to turn your mood around; experiencing no joy or positivity in daily things and an inability to enjoy things.
    When you have a (combination) of these complaints, I help you by working with you to address your subconscious thought patterns. Together we look deeper into the thoughts that cause these feelings and experiences in you and find an active approach to turn your thinking around and tackle thoughts. I am a great believer in our own ability to turn our mindset around and so I teach you certain techniques and perspectives that will help you to adjust your thinking and pattern so that you can get back to living life full of joy and with a sense of complete freedom and control as soon as possible.
  • HSP
    Are you often over-stimulated? Do you experience difficulty staying calm and composed in busy social situations? Are you often triggered by external factors that can quickly affect your emotions?
    These are some characteristics of high sensitivity. High sensitivity is a gift and is an incredibly beautiful trait. Unfortunately, in our busy Western world, it is felt as a weakness because highly sensitive people are quickly influenced by things that happen around them and thus often experience a feeling that they have no control over their reactions to the environment.
    In this coaching I teach you to turn your high sensitivity into a strength and to create the ability in yourself to become resistant to stimuli, so that you experience a sense of control over your emotions in demanding circumstances. I will work with you to review your most challenging, stimulating situations to see where you get stuck and teach you a set of skills and perspectives that will allow you to be more stable and calm in these situations.
  • Eating Disorders & Body Image
    In this theme I work with you around eating problems or negative body image. Do you have trouble staying in a healthy eating pattern? Do you experience problems with binge eating or are you just stuck in a restrictive eating pattern? Do you have a fear of gaining weight or experience a mental obsession with food? Do you feel bad about your skin and body and have a poor relationship with food as a result? Do you have health problems due to obesity or a poor eating pattern but don't have the motivation or knowledge to change your lifestyle?
    In this theme I work with you around eating problems or negative body image. Do you have trouble staying in a healthy eating pattern? Do you experience problems with binge eating or are you just stuck in a restrictive eating pattern? Do you have a fear of gaining weight or experience a mental obsession with food? Do you feel bad about your skin and body and have a poor relationship with food as a result? Do you have health problems due to obesity or a poor eating pattern but don't have the motivation or knowledge to change your lifestyle?
  • Self-Love & Self Confidence
    Door een gigantische opkomst van sociale media en bepaalde voorafbepaalde maatschappelijke waarden zijn we in een soort constante vergelijking-cultuur beland. We vergelijken ons met anderen rondom ons of online, en dit is automatisch ontzettend intimiderend, wat opnieuw op onze zelfliefde en zelfvertrouwen kan werken. Wil jij leren hoe jij jezelf onvoorwaardelijk graag kan zien en meer zelfvertrouwen kan ervaren, zodat je op deze manier sterker in jouw schoenen staat en gelukkiger bent? Dan is deze coaching iets voor jou. Samen met jou werk ik aan je zelfvertrouwen zodat jouw niveau van zelfliefde de lucht in schiet en je automatisch ook meer algemene liefde, verbondenheid en geluk ervaart. Ik doe dit door in jezelf te keren en bepaalde mindfulness tools te gebruiken om je zo onvoorwaardelijke zelfliefde te doen ervaren, los van vergelijking met de buitenwereld.
  • Spiritual Development
    Would you like to gain more depth and spiritual insight? Are you open to a completely new approach to your challenges and mindset by going deeper on a spiritual level? Then I am here for you to guide you through this. Spirituality has an incredibly powerful potential to free us all from suffering. If you are open to the spiritual or better said: the search for depth, love and happiness within yourself, then in this coaching we can search together for the fire that you want to discover within yourself. I will teach you the basics of meditation, help you expand your consciousness, and go deeper into themes for which you are looking for clarification and other perspectives.
  • Law of Attraction
    The Law of Attraction states that we as humans have within ourselves the ability to attract to ourselves anything we desire and manifest the dream life we wish for ourselves. As a long-time practitioner of this spiritual law, I know all too well that sometimes we can experience blockages within ourselves that make it difficult to manifest optimally. Do you believe in the law of attraction but are you not experiencing results yet? Do you need specific guidance regarding the attraction of specific themes and things in your life? Then you have come to the right place. In this coaching I look with you at your thought patterns and manifestation techniques to optimize your use of the Law of Attraction to your advantage. I also help with any blockages or give you higher perspectives that give you a better understanding of what exactly you want/can attract to you.

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