6 Spiritual/Mindfulness Books that helped me recover from existential anxiety & DP/DR, and navigate my spiritual awakening.

4 years ago, I went through a very scary existential crisis with a lot of existential fears, and depersonalization/derealization as a result. I hardly got through my days and found it very hard to even navigate life as I was so scared of it. I felt like I had awakened to the reality of life, and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I felt scared, and ungrounded, and felt like nothing was ever going to make me feel okay in life again. Until I found these books bellow. I started embracing the awakening instead of running away from it. And these books made this journey much easier for me. From the first one, that helped me really navigate my fears themselves, to the last one, that helped me understand how to re-frame and reprogram how I look at life. They each individually contributed to me finding my way back to peace.

I hope this post gave you some inspiration on where to get started on your journey.

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