FREE Intake session!
For both the monthly coaching and the separate coaching sessions I offer a short, free conversation of about 20 minutes in which you can explain what your wishes/complaints are and so I can tell you what I can do for you. You can contact me in the contact section via sms or email, OR via the whatsapp icon, and then we plan this first conversation as soon as possible.

(Important notice!)
My past experience shows that the monthly coaching is the most effective and transformative because of the consistency on both my side and the side of the coachee. I therefore strongly recommend taking the monthly route if you really want to go through a major transformation and a little more of an intensive trajectory.

Monthly Coaching:
With this coaching package, I want to address the need to make coaching consistent to make an impact. For some, a weekly hourly call is not enough and further consistent coaching is needed throughout the week to make positive change as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because of the intensity of the coaching, you are thus helped more quickly and need coaching over a shorter period of time. Specifically, monthly coaching includes:

  • 5 online (video) calls of 1 hour, to be scheduled at dates and times agreed upon in advance.
  • WhatsApp coaching in between sessions:
    If you are in a specific problem/mood where you are stuck and in need of guidance, you can send me an email or message at a specific email address/work number. Depending on the need, I will respond as quickly as possible in the form of an email or voice message. In this way you can be helped as quickly and efficiently as possible when you need it, without having to wait until the next weekly coaching session. You will receive a reply within 24 hours after your email/voice between 8 am and 5 pm.
  • I create a specific work plan for you depending on your needs in which I give you specific reading and podcasting tips, teach exercises if needed and give you weekly focus points, which we then discuss in the coaching calls.

Price: 395 euro/month

Next to monthly coaching, you can also come to me for a seperate session. These we schedule weekly or to your need, and after an intake session we each session go deeper into the challenges that you experience.

  • Depending on your challenge(s), we will go deeper into which patterns you experience subconsciously, to turn those around into more productive patterns. After a first intake, we will together go deeper and deeper into your situation and I will teach you specific practical tools that you need to gain control over your thoughts so you can be free, happy and at peace again. Sessions can be weekly, monthly, multiple times a week, ... depending on your needs and my agenda.

Price: 70 euro/hour

DPDR Group Coaching (English Only):

Work together with 3 other people in a coaching group over the span of 5 weeks. Each week we do a session of 75 minutes, and there’s a group chat per group where you can ask questions and motivate each other throughout the journey.

Price: 250 euro’s for 5 weeks (50 euro/session)

In a case of cancelation less than 24 hours in advance (unless with valid reason), I charge an annulation fee of 35 euro's. This is so I can know I have your mutual commitment and don't lose hours I can give to help other clients. Thank you for your understanding!

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