How to recover from Existential Fears, Depersonalization and Derealization

This blogpost for me is a very personal one to write. Existential fears and DPDR were one of the most scary things I ever experienced. For those that don’t know what I am talking about: DPDR is a condition where you feel completely detached from yourself and the world around you, as if they don’t …

5 Mindfulness exercises you can do daily to decrease stress

Next to Corona, stress is in my opinion the biggest pandemic in the West. Stress has to do with feelings of resistance to situations or circumstances, or can be a result of an overly busy life where we lose our footing in the moment and are only concerned with past, future, or what we 'should' ...

In conversation with Natascha de Hulster: Overcoming depression with high sensitivity

The moment I realized I have control over my own happiness was the moment I found freedom from my depression. In this talk, I sat down with Natascha de Hulster to discuss her transformation from depression and how she turned her high sensitivity into a strength. How do you deal with extreme high sensitivity? ...

In conversation with Noa Muysoms: Life after Survival

In this interview, I sat down with Noa Muysoms, Muco patient and lymphoma survivor, to discuss her past, present and future together. Noa is one of the strongest, most punishing young women I have ever met and the perfect example of someone who has weathered storms but has come out of them incredibly strong. Having been physically debilitated by Mucoviscidosis, having had a lung transplant and then surviving cancer, she is a source of life force and wisdom.

In conversation with Kim Eerdekens: Overcoming fear by turning inward

In this post, my first interview, I'm going to delve deeper with Kim about her past experience with Anxiety. Kim had suffered from anxiety and existential life questions from a young age, and throughout her life learned to look at this more deeply and deal with it more and more consciously and effectively, until she finally found the strength within herself to overcome the anxiety, and be more in connection with herself than ever before.

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