Authentic Confidence Course

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This Course is a complete guide to building and restoring Authentic Confidence.

Do you struggle with your self esteem, confidence, achieving goals, feeling worthy, or keeping promises you make to yourself? Would you like to feel powerful, strong, confident, and safe within yourself? Then this course is exactly what you need.

The Authentic Confidence Course will take you through a step by step process of building a loving, respectful relationship with yourself by learning to achieve your goals and create loving self-compassion. Real confidence is the foundation of any success in life (relationships, mental health, physical health), which is why I’ve taken the time to make this course that will help anyone restore the belief in themselves.

The course contains:

  • A 2,5 hour video course of me walking you through the entire process
  • An e-book containing all the information you need on healing the relationship with yourself, gaining confidence and trust in yourself, and achieving your goals.
  • A 60-page workbook/journal for you to print out and use as worksheets to make the consistency of the process effortless for you.
  • An exclusive guided meditation on healing your inner child and lack of self-love.
  • Exercises that you can apply to change negative beliefs about yourself

What will this course make you achieve?

  • Overcoming Self-Doubt
  • Overcoming lack of self-trust
  • Overcoming mental health challenges (depression, anxiety, …)
  • Achieving ANY goals you have
  • Gaining discipline
  • Building a loving friendship with yourself
  • Self-compassion
  • Feeling worthy and good enough
  • Feeling I CAN!

Does this sound like something you would like to achieve? Are you ready to finally shine and feel GREAT about yourself? Join today and start loving who you are.

(The course is fully refundable in case it doesn’t serve you within 30 days of purchase)


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  1. Hannah

    This course is changing my life! I have been struggling with my self-esteem and confidence my whole life and it has limited me in so many ways. When I saw that Robin created a course on this I immediately got it and I haven’t had a single regret.
    Her approach is SOO Simple! But that’s what makes it so good. Everything she says reaches me so deeply and the 30-day journal and worksheets make it super easy for me to stay consistent and motivated (another thing I struggle with hehe)
    To anyone that struggles with their confidence in any way: you won’t regret it!

  2. Rosalie P.

    I decided to wait a bit to leave a review because I wanted to see if I could actually stay consistent to work on myself this time. Here I am a little over 2 months later and my life has changed so much. I finally got the courage to leave my toxic relationship and have started putting myself out there more, which resulted in so many good things (finally consistent with going to the gym, I made friends at work after always putting myself in a corner, changed my style, …)

    This course really helped me finally do these things by teaching how to work on healing my inner child, creating focused goals, and actually achieving them. The work sheets and journal make everything so easy and actually very fun. I’m going to return to these once in a while, but I most of all feel like I can finally trust myself to do what I know I need to do for myself.

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