Help for a GENUINE recovery

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januari 16, 2024

I am so thankful I came across Robin’s page, it began such an incredible journey for me. I was so lost, confused, and scared before coming across Robin. I had extreme DPDR / existential anxiety that sent me into panic attacks everyday. I truly had no idea how I could possibly feel better, I felt truly trapped in this state and my suffering was extreme, and I was scared of absolutely everything. When I decided to take Robin’s course on DPDR/ Existential Anxiety everything began to shift for me. I started healing in places I truly never thought was possible. Not only does Robin support you on your journey and gives you tools and insight for recovery, her practice gets to the ROOT of what is happening so you can GENUINELY recover. If you are struggling right now with DPDR / existential anxiety, I can’t think of a better place to be than on this page. I highly highly recommend taking Robins course and scheduling an intake session- it is a step in the right direction.
Full of love and gratitude.
-Aimee <3

Aimee Ware

Best decision I could have made!!

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januari 16, 2024

I am forever grateful for everything Robin has done. When I came here I was at the lowest point I have been in my life. With the help of this course and Robins coaching I have not only been able to recover from dpdr but also work on my self confidence and many other things that have been a struggle for me for years. Robin is the kindest, most empathetic person and working with her changed my life.
And for everyone struggling right now: I promise you it will get better and you WILL get out of this!!!! Lots of love to everyone out there reading this! You are definitely not alone!<3


The perfect help!

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oktober 23, 2023

Robin has definitly been my way out from dpdr existential thoughs/fairs and anxiety. Also could I always talk with her for personal problems as well. An excellent listener, very emphatic and amazing advise. After every session I felt alot of relieve. She learned me alot about meditation and that helped me also incredibly. A woman with a big heart, felt more like talking to a friend. Thank you so much for everything!! <3


Life changing !

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september 7, 2023

I was struggling with DP/DR and existential dread for the last year and a half. I had so little drive for life and barely went outside as I was agoraphobic. From when I began working with Robin, I saw immediate improvements and she always encouraged me to push myself.
I have since lived abroad and travelled again. Robin has such a great understanding of DP/DR and she has shown me a way out of this. Robin is truly so special and I am so so grateful everyday that I met her.


so grateful i found her and this course

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augustus 26, 2023

If you’re thinking if this os worth it, trust me, it is!! This course and Robin are finally allowing me to start living my life again. I have been struggling for 6 years and i’m so much better and happier and hopeful now. Robin is simply the best human being out there and this course was the first time i ever felt understood in such a deep way! Thank you so much for this and for everything you’re doing to everyone!!


If you are reading this, you are in the right place.

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april 4, 2023

I met Robin 5 months after I started to experience panic and DP/DR. I had always experienced anxiety, but one day it exploded into full panic attacks and relentless intrusive thoughts which then led to a deeper sadness than I had ever known. I had tried many methods of healing, some got me further than others, but I had stalled out and feeling hopeless. When I started working with Robin I had no idea the work we would do together would lead to the most meaningful changes in my life to date. Her presence is singular, kind, caring, warm, insightful and her ability to be present, peaceful and confident in the face of my dread, fear, sadness and confusion was profoundly moving. She handled my tears of sadness, my traumatic memories and existential conundrums with an attentive, compassionate and confident demeanor, and swift and articulate skill. I’ve never felt more seen and accepted. There is a certain quality of warmth the she embodies that is just as important as anything that is said, and you most certainly feel it if you’ve seen any of her videos or read her writings. I will never forget the work we have done together and I will always be able to pay it forward to others through the peace and kindness I’ve found for myself, that I can now extend to all. I know your fears are deep, but I can tell you that love is immeasurably deeper. Reaching out to Robin is the best decision I have made.


Robin was an essential step in my recovery

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februari 8, 2023

I was someone who went from never experiencing any mental health issues to panic attacks and intense dpdr overnight so I really had no idea what was going on. I struggled with it for about two months and tried a couple therapists in that stage but found I couldn’t relate to them at all and felt they could not help me if they did not understand it. In my opinion dpdr is one of those things that nobody can really grasp unless they’ve gone through it which can make you feel completely insane and alone. This is where robin really changed things for me, she’s very open and transparent about her previous experience with dpdr, anxiety and panic attacks etc which was so important for me at the time because it validated my sanity and gave me clarity on what I was experiencing. She offered a multitude of tools and practises to incorporate in my life which were best suited for me and after the five weeks of coaching I was 80% back to normal and after about 2 months I now feel fully back to normal. Not to say that everyones journey will look like that but for me it was clear that the results only started coming in once robin was involved. I went from not leaving my room for two months to reintegrating myself back into society within the first week. The process is hard but very necessary and beneficial. Highly highly recommend Robin especially if your new to mental health issues and need someone to help you understand whats going on.



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december 6, 2022

At only 16 years old, I thought DPDR took control of my life. For weeks, I was trying to figure out “what was wrong with me” and “why wasn’t I normal”. It’s at the most anxious, and scary time of my life that I found Robin’s youtube chanel. Soon, I realised what a great impact her being had on me so I decided to reach out to her, I finally found someone who went through almost the same experiences as me, and that was willing and happy to use that to help people get better. It was one of the best decisions in my life. Robin comforted me and taught me, gave me tools to help me deal with my issues. She made me question things that my anxiety already answered, but thoses weren’t the right answers. She helped me get another perception of life, one that I had forgotten for a long time. Robin is patient, and gives out the best advice you can get, because she has a very good understanding of anxiety, existentional thoughts, dpdr… And soon enough, getting another vision on those issues, they got less and less relevant to me. She was a mirror that allowed me to reflect on myself, but also gave me the right methods to do so. What she teaches is wisdom that can be used for the rest of your lives. If you are sturggling please reach out to her, her energy and bright smile will lighten your darkest day.


my guide, my guru, my great friend

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november 20, 2022

I found Robin in the depts of depression/dissociation/anxiety/existential crisis, I was truly suffering more than I was sure I could take at times. I was frightened of absolutely everything in life, including myself. My thoughts were dark and like many who have visited that place I was 100% sure I had no hope of recovery. I couldn’t leave the house or barely speak not about anything except how fucking terrible I felt and my existential questions, merely existed day to day, certain that I had woken up to a truth of meaninglessness that I could never escape. But despite it all I am here today, delighted to say I was wrong.
Robin was crucial in helping me make sense of the internal and external world, she taught me tools and techniques that without a doubt helped me recover. She believed in me and supported me every step of the way. I have a tear in my eye thinking about how special she is to me. I live a life now that at one point I never dreamt possible. I do all the things I used too and more, living life fully, travelling, socialising, falling in love again. If you are reading this and considering Robins help then do it. Sign up for an intake session. You WILL NOT regret it. To feel understood in this journey and reassured along the way by Robin will help you recover faster. No words can describe what she has done for me. You don’t have to do this alone. Your gonna be ok, your gonna be better than ok – from someone who’s been there 🦋


After years of panic & dpdr i’m finally free.

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november 1, 2022

Before booking my initial call with Robin, my life was consumed with daily anxiety attacks, panic/fear ruled my life (multiple panic attacks per week), and severe dpdr that was beginning to turn into agoraphobia. I was in one of the lowest stages of my life and I was afraid of myself. I was afraid of everything – I was afraid of life.
The initial call with Robin was quite life-changing. I felt HEARD and understood for once in my life. She was someone who dealt with DPDR/Panic attacks and has overcome them without a “magic cure” and all on her own. I wanted to learn everything that I could from Robin and honestly, that one quick call gave me more hope than I have felt in 5-6 years.
I signed up for her weekly coaching sessions which were 1 hour calls once per week. These sessions changed my whole life. She is caring, and thoughtful, and provides good advice/techniques that made me question how I approach my fear and anxiety. Within 5 weeks my life changed dramatically. I am someone who could barely walk outside to check my mailbox without having a panic attack and I am now going to the grocery store, spending more time with loved ones, and not AFRAID of myself or of life.
If you’re scared, hesitant, or confused, I am with you. I was there before taking this leap of faith and my only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. Robin can help you help YOURSELF. If I can do it, so can you. I never thought I’d get better, I thought I was “broken” and that no one has ever felt the strange physical symptoms and debilitating dpdr that anxiety has caused – now, I KNOW what’s going on with me and I can sympathize with my body and mind and allow feelings without being scared of them… and guess what? They melt away on their own. I just needed a small push and reassurance that time and confidence come naturally when you put in the work.
Good luck & I am here rooting for your success and growth! You can do this – you’re not broken, you just need the proper support and guidance.



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oktober 31, 2022

Unfortunately, growing up in a world that had not realized the importance of being aware of our minds for so many years.. it caused a lot of stress on those that realized this sooner than others. It felt as though I was “forced” through these changes I didn’t want to make. However, Robin consistently kept messaging simple with telling me that my resistance against the force that is actually trying to just hold me has never been against me. Ultimately, the best therapists will lead a person inwards to their core. I had been to many therapists before who used complex language that ultimately was trying to tell me the same thing. Robin’s style was raw and unique to her. She has a gift and is using it when needed. No matter how bad I was doing I would leave each of her sessions with HOPE that is not something many therapists have the ability of doing. Thank you for everything! 🙏🏽


Working with Robin brought me massive progress with the DPDR and existential OCD.

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oktober 21, 2022

Working with Robin brought me massive progress with the DPDR and existential OCD. What used to be waves are now ripples as far as the fear and obsessions go. I have more understanding now in my patterns of fear, compulsion and escape etc., and that they aren’t going to solve anything. Obsessing and being in fear doesn’t solve anything. I can still have these emotions but relying on my meetings in my recovery program is doing the trick.
Robin helped me see the futility of the OCD. Whether it’s my relationship or the existential stuff. Those habits don’t work. What does work is sitting through and not acting on the anxiety and then the clarity comes and I can make the appropriate decisions in my life as opposed to sitting in fear and confusion.
One day at a time and I can still struggle and doubt. But that’s okay too. It’s all okay. It’s all just anxiety.
Thank you 🙏

Ravi K.

Sending all lots of love

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augustus 25, 2022

Hi! To anyone who’s reading this, I wanted to say that Robin was of great help during the darkest and toughest times. I had intense Dp/Dr for months, I was really desperate to find anything that could help, I was one of those convinced that it would never get better, I was so scared. I am now almost fully recovered, I rarely think about it anymore. It feels like I have my life and myself back 💜 so anyone who’s in that position, let me tell you it will get better and don’t hesitate on getting the help you deserve to have.


A kind soul, with a great gift

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juli 14, 2022

I reached out to Robin feeling lost, desperate and hopeless.
With her help and guidance, I was able to take on new approaches and challenge beliefs that lead my negative thought patterns. She helped me feel at ease with meditations and find peace in my world, something a therapist has not been able to do before.
Her approach is gentle, wholesome and comes from a place of love. She is an amazing guide and perfectly suited to help one find the proper path out of an existential crise.


Helped me untie the mental knots & shift my perspective!

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juli 14, 2022

Robin has an innate gift to listen deeply, seeing the knots of the mind creating mental health problems that also manifests in practical living, and helping untie them with kindness & non-judgment. She is sharp and has an inner sight for discovering the unconscious causes of suffering, as well as the friendliness we need when facing crises or challenges. Her insights are priceless.
What is unique with her is that she has experienced and faced the struggles herself, and she is able to understand. She has an innate knowledge of the mind, and she is down to earth / open / a vibrant person. I have leveled up so much in only one month and found myself again, which was reflected back on my external reality as well. She truly knows what she is doing, and I recommend her. Her smile & light are contagious. ✨


Working with Robin made the biggest different in my recovery from existential anxiety and DP/DR

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juni 22, 2022

Working with Robin made the biggest different in my recovery from existential anxiety and DP/DR. When I first contacted her, I was feeling utterly hopeless, and I remember every cell of my body feeling scared. I was experiencing all of it: panic attacks, DP/DR, existential dread… I felt like there was no way out. Working with Robin for a month has been an incredible gift: she truly made me feel seen and heard, and like it is safe to see my difficulties as an opportunity to grow. And sure enough, that is true to me now.
Believe it or not, I feel lucky that I experienced existential anxiety, as I have found a completely new way to relate to life since facing my deepest fears with the best support one can find. The peaceful warmth and wisdom that I got met with have left an impression on me for the rest of my life.


Great Coaching

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mei 9, 2022

Great Coaching. Robin taught me how to separate my thoughts from myself, watching them and observing them from a distance. The meditation also really helped me. I think existential fears are very personal and will differ from person to person she helped find my own way of being okay to not know something for certain. Remember that if you live a life chasing certainty then you won’t ever enjoy it because there is not such thing as certainty although we humans would like to have it.

Andre Fernandes

Sending love

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maart 23, 2022

sometimes in life you have to choose a new path. I managed to do this with robin’s help.
2021 was a year of panic attacks, anxiety, isolation, depression and dpdr. i thank robin for bringing me back to life bit by bit. I could trust her and the conversations were like talking to a friend. i appreciate that she is emphatic and able to bring hope to someone in the darkest of moments.
I can only say thank you and send much love to robin.



5,0 score
februari 4, 2022

Robin heeft echt een talent voor coachen. Ik ben enorm blij dat ik de stap heb genomen om contact met haar op te nemen. Na mijn relatiebreuk worstelde ik met liefdesverdriet en het bijkomende aspect dat ik begon te twijfelen aan bepaalde eigenschappen van mezelf die ik graag wilde ‘aanpakken’. Robin heeft me geholpen om mezelf meer te mogen accepteren. Na iedere sessie voelde ik me zo opgelucht, zelfverzekerd – bijna ‘herboren’ zelfs haha. Wat een verademing! En guess what; dat stukje van mezelf wat ik wilde veranderen, mocht ik juist meer gaan omarmen. Ik ben mezelf dan ook veel meer gaan waarderen. Ik voel dat ik na een paar sessies met Robin al zo veel stappen heb gezet, waarvan ik zeker weet dat ik er misschien nog wel jaren mee geworsteld zou hebben als ik zou blijven denken dat ik het ‘allemaal wel in mijn eentje zou fixen’. Het kan zo verhelderend zijn om met een coach in gesprek te gaan, en Robin weet gewoon precies de juiste spiegel voor te houden en jou dat stukje kracht en vertrouwen in jezelf terug te geven, wat je gaande weg even verloren bent geraakt. Dankjewel Robin, je bent echt heel erg goed in wat je doet!!


Holding, inspiring, caring – Robin helped me to change my perspective

5,0 score
november 24, 2021

Couple of months ago I developed a very sudden but great fear of death I have never experienced before in my life. I am a researcher and have always been interested in philosophy and the big questions around life and death, the universe, etc. But what I started to experience was a scary dose of anxiety, insomnia and disconnection from my everyday life and the people around. I didn’t find anyone around me who could understand my paralysing fear until lots of googling and searching on forums I have found Robin’s video about DPDR and existential anxiety. Finally I found a name for what mental struggle I was going through and listening to her I felt already understood and relieved that I am not alone with this. I had a month coaching session with Robin and I realised I met a beautiful soul, she helped me understand what I was going through and gently guided me through this scary path showing me the positive side of all this experience and the potential to grow. I really hope I can stay in touch with her as she is a very unique person, being capable to give real and true support where therapists failed before. She also recommended me some top notch podcasts and books on the topic which helped me a lot. I can only recommend her if you struggle with anxiety or need careful listening, understanding to move on whatever you struggle with. She has a real talent.


Thank you Robin

5,0 score
september 9, 2021

Robin is such a beautiful person and taught me things that I never thought I was capable of. I hope to keep in touch with her, she is truly destined to help people.


Insomnia, loss of appetite, fear of life

5,0 score
augustus 27, 2021

I found Robin’s YouTube video after searching most of the internet and it was the first time I felt like someone understood what I was experiencing.
Like most people, I have had a normal fear of death most of my life. But with the stress of the pandemic and the increase in political unrest, I started having panic and anxiety symptoms for the first time. “Fear of life and fear of death,” is how she described it, and that pretty much summed up the situation.
Working with Robin for the past month has been extremely healing. But healing is a process and some things take time. Although I won’t say that my anxiety has disappeared without a trace, here is what I will say:
+ I have started sleeping well again
+ I have much, much, less anxious discomfort
+ I have started working, and with Robin’s help, I found a job that makes me feel useful
+ Most importantly I have some practices, and a better mentality for handling anxiety when it does arise
I felt a kinship with Robin immediately, and this was maybe the most helpful of all. I honestly just looked forward to her smiling face and kind words every week. We’re basically besties, now, ha. But knowing someone had experienced what I was going through and believed I could get out made all of the difference for me.

Jermaine Walker

iets om naar uit te kijken

5,0 score
augustus 5, 2021

Ik deed de maandelijkse coaching bij Robin. Ik heb heel wat te verduren gehad de laatste jaren, en ik zat echt wel aan de grond. Ik heb nu al heel wat handvaten gekregen die mij enorm hebben verder geholpen, mij zelf zekerder hebben gemaakt, en ik ben er van overtuigd, ondanks de testen die het leven mij hebben gegeven dat ik hier sterker ga uitkomen. Ik dacht dat iedereen tegen mij was, dat ik het niet kon, en weet nu dat dat slechts overtuigingen zijn. Maar ik geloof nu dat alles wel in mezelf zit. Ik kan het wel allemaal aan. Ik aanvaard het , ook als het eens slecht gaat.
Alles verliep heel spontaan, ik kon mijn verhaal doen. Aan de hand van hoe ik mij op de moment voelde, gaf Robin mij tips en oefeningen, stuurde mij filmpjes door .
dankjewel Robin


Huge difference after 3 weeks already

5,0 score
juni 10, 2021

I took a monthly coaching trajectory with Robin because of heavy Existential Anxiety and DP. After three weeks I already felt a huge difference and didn’t experience any anxiety attacks anymore. The two sessions afterwards, we went deeper into other aspects of my personal life as well that I didn’t even know I was struggling with. I can honestly say that I feel completely recovered and that I’ve gone back to the person I was before, maybe even better. Robin does an amazing job because her teachings are so simple that it feels comfortable and effective. If you’re struggling with anxiety, I really recommend you take her sessions. It’s worth the investment 100%.


Sessies bij Robin

5,0 score
mei 29, 2021

Bij Robin voelde ik me erg op mijn gemak. Alles wat ik zei (wat voor mij abnormaal leek) kon zij begrijpen. Dit gaf me het gevoel dat ik niet anders ben dan de rest van de bevolking, wat voor mij een enorme opluchting is. Ze heeft me getoond dat al deze gedachten en angsten er voor niets hoeven te zijn en dat je deze enkel jezelf toepraat. Kortom zijn de gesprekken voor mij steeds verhelderend en rustgevend. Ik blijf zeker sessies volgen zodat ik mezelf nog beter leer verstaan.


Echte aanrader!

5,0 score
maart 9, 2021

Tijdens de coaching gesprekken kan je terugvallen op oprechte en leerrijke feedback, inzichten en tips. Robin is een super coach die enerzijds vertrekt vanuit haar eigen ervaringen en anderzijds gebruik maakt van technieken en kennis die heel wat jaren investering vragen. Het is enorm fijn en krachtig dat ze jou die kennis en ervaring kan aanreiken op een toegankelijke manier, die toegepast is op je persoonlijke situatie. De gesprekken voelen aan als een leuke babbel met vriendinnen, waarbij je kan rekenen op sterke inzichten die voor jou werken op lange termijn.


Robin heeft me super goed begeleid!

5,0 score
februari 8, 2021

Super begeleiding! Robin haar sessies bevatten een goede combinatie van haar eigen ervaringen en tips volledig toe te passen op mijn eigen persoonlijke gebeurtenissen!!

Bo Bielderman


5,0 score
januari 12, 2021

Een echte aanrader!
Als je twijfelt om de stap te zetten naar coaching kan ik alleen maar zeggen: doen! Robin luistert en spreekt heel open vanuit haar eigen ervaring, wat echt heel veel comfort en een gevoel van erkenning biedt. Je krijgt echt een vertrouwd en veilig gevoel tijdens de sessies met haar. Dankzij de gesprekken met Robin heb ik veel meer (innerlijke) rust gevonden en kan ik mijn zorgen veel beter een plaats geven. Zaken waar ik al jaren mee worstel heb ik ook veel meer in de hand en kan ik beter loslaten dankzij de kleine, simpele en zalige tips die ik van Robin meekreeg. Ik kan het alleen maar warm aanbevelen. Het is bovendien ook echt een topvrouw!!


Na enkele sessies merkte ik al verschil.

5,0 score
januari 12, 2021

De coaching sessies bij Robin hebben me enorm geholpen! Ik leerde over bepaalde gedachtepatronen, innerlijke rust, mediteren, positieve affirmaties,..
Na enkele sessies merkte ik al een groot verschil bij mezelf.
Een echte aanrader!


Depressie, paniekaanvallen

5,0 score
december 15, 2020

Ik deed bij Robin de maandelijkse coaching omwille van depressie en angstaanvallen. Ik werd goed in handen genomen en voelde me meteen fijn bij Robin bij het kennismakingsgesprek. De eerste sessies had ze me veel nieuws verteld over mijn angst en paniekklachten waar ik veel aan heb gehad. Ik kan er al een stuk beter mee omgaan en heb ook geleerd dat je er met kennis niet komt maar het echt zelf moet toepassen. Het was heel fijn om met Robin gewerkt te hebben en heb hier veel uit geleerd.


Goede begeleiding voor (beginner in) meditatie, kennis van hoogsensitiviteit, efficiënte oefeningen

5,0 score
december 11, 2020

Ik ben zo blij de stap naar coaching gezet te hebben. Al vele jaren zat ik vast in mijn gedachten. Ik zat vooral met het probleem dat ik het verleden niet kon loslaten en zo in een negatieve gedachtespiraal terechtkwam. Robin begreep dit en heeft me eerst geleerd mijn gedachten in vraag te stellen. In een tweede sessie zijn we dieper ingegaan op meditatie oefeningen en afstand nemen van die gedachten. Bovendien heeft Robin ook kennis over hoogsensitiviteit en hoe je hiermee het beste kunt omgaan. Door de sessies heb ik terug structuur gekregen in mijn leven onder andere door middel van meditatie. Ik vind ook dat ze goed aanvoelt wat het moment is om de sessies te verminderen en meer te vertrouwen op eigen voortzetting van het zoeken naar rust. De coaching sessies zijn zeker een aanrader indien je ergens mee zit, maar nog niet de stap hebt durven zetten.

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