Personal Transformation Course: Opening the Inner Door to Happiness

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This course is for anyone and everyone who wishes to make a change in their life, and mostly: their emotional experience of life.

Do you struggle with your mind? Do you find yourself constantly stressed, triggered, anxious or unhappy? Are there things going on in your life that you can’t change that have a huge impact on how you feel and live your life? Do you feel like you’re not in control of your mind, emotions and body?

Then this course is exactly for you.

As the title of the course suggests, this course will take you through a complete personal transformation with as greatest focus point: teaching you how to find unconditional happiness and peace within yourself, no matter what your current circumstances are.

We can’t always control what goes on in the outside world, but we can always control how we emotionally react to it, and that’s what I’m teaching you in this course: how to take full control over your own emotions and thoughts, creating the happiness and inner peace YOU want.

Content of the course:

  • Theory that will help you understand your Mind (knowledge is power)
  • Practice that will help you transform your Mind (Practice makes change)
  • A 30-day Habit planner and challenge to Train your Mind (Consistency for sustainable changes)
  • Access to a private Facebook community where we share our progress, ask questions, support each other and come together in group sessions to talk about our journey every month.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who struggles with:

  • Stress
  • Low self esteem
  • Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Feelings of unhappiness/depression
  • Fatigue
  • Body image & eating
  • ANY Mental/Emotional struggle

OR who is looking for:

  • Overall more enjoyment of life
  • Overall more happiness & peace
  • Control over their mind.

What this course will do for you:

  • Finding true happiness, independent of your circumstances
  • Learning to coach yourself through any struggle life gives you.
  • Building a safe space within yourself you can always come home to.
  • Raising your vibration to higher levels of Love and Peace.
  • Learning to turn negative emotions into positive ones.
  • Creating a positive attitude towards life, making you optimistic and positive-focused
  • BASICALLY: Gaining control over your Mind and making it your friend.

So, are you ready for that? Then this course is exactly for you!

After purchasing, you’ll receive direct access to the downloads of the course:

  • 2 video’s for each part (1 theory and 1 practice)
  • the 30-day challenge with sheets to print out
  • A meditation that is part of the practice and challenge
  • The presentation slides separately for you to print out or use as an e-book.

For any questions regarding, use the whatsapp button in the left corner to message me!

! Money Back Guarantee ! :
To show how much confidence I have in the course and to prove my full commitment to you, I will give back your FULL investment if after going through and practicing the course, you feel like you didn’t get the help you needed (and it thus wasn’t worth your investment). The money back guarantee is valid for 30 days after purchasing, and may be subjected to a small (5%) transfer fee depending on where you live.



4 beoordelingen voor Personal Transformation Course: Opening the Inner Door to Happiness

  1. Amy Marchal

    After watching almost all of Robins video’s on YouTube, I finally decided to invest in one of her products and get the newest course. She had helped me so much already through her video’s, but this course really took things to another level for me. I’ve spent many hours in therapy, trying to gain some tools to feel better in my own skin and change my emotional state, but never really succesful. This course gave me so many tools that actually help and I finally feel like I can start to heal myself and actually decide where I want my life (and mind) to go. Thanks Robin, for all you do! I truly recommend this course 100%

  2. Lauren

    If you are struggling in any area of your life, invest in yourself by purchasing this course. I have been working with Robin 1-1 coaching for a few months since experiencing DP/DR/existential anxiety and depression. She has helped me tremendously in this time. I highly recommend her as a coach and can’t tell you how many times her words have enabled me to reframe truly terrifying and difficult things in my mind and life. This course sums up all her knowledge and tips and I’ve already been applying some of the tools when I feel myself slipping into negative cycles. She gives you so much direction, comfort and practical techniques. If you wanted to learn any new skill you’d learn from an experienced expert so training your mind is really no different. Filling out my Sunday habit planner (part of the course) kept me on track all week and look forward to keeping making more progress. Good luck 🦋

  3. Anneke Vermeulen

    This course helped me so much. I was struggling a lot with stress and feelings of depression since the beginning of last year. I found this course through YouTube and decided to try it because I wanted to try something different and more practical, and it was the best decision for me.
    The course has already made me feel a lot better, but I keep practicing the exercises every week when I struggle again, and this makes me feel in control and hopeful that I’ll be back to my happy self soon.

    The best thing about this course for me was that it taught me how to be responsible and in charge of my own emotions, and that I could actually choose to feel better if I wanted to (and knew how)

  4. Quinte

    Ik heb al een heel lange tijd last van veel stress, zowel in dagelijks leven als in mijn schoolwerk en hobby. Die druk werd me op sommige momenten echt te veel en ik kon er geen blijf mee. Door een cursus te volgen van Robin heb ik gevoel dat ik dit meer onder controle heb en hier beter op kan reageren moest ik in zo’n moment zitten. Ondanks het feit dat het een online cursus was, heb ik er dus veel uit geleerd en had ik het gevoel alsof ze voor me zat. Ik zat daarna nog met enkele vragen en die heeft ze snel beantwoord. Kort samengevat: een topervaring! Bedankt Robin!

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