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6 Tips for getting through an existential crisis/ spiritual awakening

In my two years of full-time coaching people through existential dread or anxiety, and after being recovered from my own existential crisis about three years now, I’ve come to know a lot on the best tricks to help you get through an existential crisis. Maybe to start by defining what it means to struggle with …

10 Things you should to do to help you recover from DPDR and Existential anxiety

Experiencing heavy (existential) anxiety and therefore symptoms of depersonalization or derealization is one of the most scary things I’ve ever experienced. After going through it for about 6 months, I managed to fully recover by using simple tools that were able to get me completely through it and made me find true inner peace again. …

How to recover from Existential Fears, Depersonalization and Derealization

This blogpost for me is a very personal one to write. Existential fears and DPDR were one of the most scary things I ever experienced. For those that don’t know what I am talking about: DPDR is a condition where you feel completely detached from yourself and the world around you, as if they don’t …

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