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6 Spiritual/Mindfulness Books that helped me recover from existential anxiety & DP/DR, and navigate my spiritual awakening.

4 years ago, I went through a very scary existential crisis with a lot of existential fears, and depersonalization/derealization as a result. I hardly got through my days and found it very hard to even navigate life as I was so scared of it. I felt like I had awakened to the reality of life, …

How to be more confident: 8 simple Steps that ACTUALLY work

Growing confidence is a journey of both growing inherent self-worth and building confidence about your capacities in life, which takes time, effort, and self-awareness. Confidence is not something you suddenly get, but something you build over time, in the same way you can build muscle over time by going to the gym. The biggest benefits …

DPDR recovery: What you need to know

In my two years of full time coaching people through their existential anxiety, depersonalization and derealization, and myself now being recovered for 3 whole years, I’ve come to know quite a bit on what the absolute musts are in your recovery journey. Some are obvious, some are contra-intuïtive, but each of them incredibly important. So …

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